HOG: Beware The Fury

Saturday Feb. 3rd 2018 / NYC Arena / Jamaica, New York

After months of frustration towards Amazing Red taking away his World Championship, the devious "Wrestling God" Anthony Gangone has set out a bounty on Red, which has been answered by world-traveled hitman and long time foe, "The Professional" Low-Ki.

The following contains coverage and results from

HOG: Beware The Fury..

-#HOGLIVE Kickoff-


3 Way Tag Match:

Hollywood's Top Models (Romeo Romano & Sasha Jenkins w/ Rubi Deluna) defeat House of Gangone (Thomas Odin & Ezekiel Lewis) and The Golden Lyons (Midas Black & J. Lyon)

-Main Show-

Triple Threat Grudge Match:

Matt Travis pinned Leroy Green defeating Leroy and Ken Broadway

MTV TRL Championship Match:

Caveman defeats the debuting El Hombre Bestia, retaining his TRL Championship

Rob Blatt enters the ring to announce the competitors for LAX's Tag Team Championships, before Rob announced, Matthew Ryan Shapiro and The Masons come out. Rob Blatt than informs Shapiro that they are not the #1 Contenders. Shapiro and Masons exit as they see one half of NYWK Smoothe Blackmon rush into the ring challenging The Masons in a Handicap Match. Shapiro Accepts in Mason's honor.

Impromotu Handicap Match:

The Masons defeat Smoothe Blackmon.


Post matchup, Blackmon's NYWK tag partner Chris Seaton enters the ring to settle the score with The Masons, yet is unsuccessful as Masons stand tall out-numbering the injured Chris Seaton and quickly exit.

Six Man Tag Team Match:

House of Gangone (Anthony Gangone, JUBA, and Smiley) defeats Larger Than Butter (Brian Burgandy, TJ Marconi, and Mantequilla) thanks to the shenanigans of The Masons distracting the ref. during Gangone first tapping out to Brian Burgandy.

HOG Crown Jewel Championship Match:

Evander James (with Matthew Ryan Shapiro) defeats Homicide, retaining his Crown Jewel Championship after the aided roll up pin near the ropes with the help of Matthew Ryan Shapiro.


Afterwards Homicide chases away Shapiro, and lands a burtal Kapo Killer on James.

Womens Match:

Sonya Strong defeats Ivelisse.

After Sonya exits the ring, HOG Women's Champion Violette and her partner in crime Shee enter the ring to take down Ivelisse, forcing her into a pinfal possition to successfuly "retain" her Championship.

Rob Blatt invites LAX to finally find out the true #1 Contenders, out comes long time rivals Private Party.

HOG Tag Team Championship Match:

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) defeats Private Party and retain their championships.

House of Gangone than circles the ring and enters to jump LAX, siren hits as Homicide had enough and rushes into the ring with LAX member Diamante rescuing Ortiz and Santana.



HOG World Championship Match:

Amazing Red defeats the hired hitman Low-Ki in an instant classic.

Red and Low-ki shake hands after their historic journey leading to this battle. Anthony Gangone appears ringside with a microphone speaking on how Low-Ki was a waste of money, than instantly regrets it when Low-Ki lands a HUGE double stomp from the top rope onto Gangone.